When reporters from China, Blatter said happily: “welcome you to come, China is a big country, the development of Chinese football will have a great impact buy fifa 15 coins on the world. At last year’s Asian Cup, which started on my trip to China is quite pleasant. Unfortunately, next year in Germany will not see the figure of the Chinese team, but this year it is worth you are pleased that China’s two youth teams have entered the World Championships finals.

During the World Cup year, people talk about, dream, breathing is football. People seem to be celebrating the “football festival” Bewitched, temporarily forgetting the personal life and work troubles, who dream of their own team can lift the World Cup there is no doubt that soccer is a beautiful game, can bring people happiness and the enjoyment of art. Watching Messi, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Thierry Henry play, like enjoy the masterful artist people will never forget those stars on the pitch.

While Chinese football rights and desires, in the presence of FIFA, Chinese fans like a little witch poor, our ancestors invented the game continued, now mixed on the world football map in the third world. And fans in China than Englishman is more pathetic, they invented modern football, but the game now it’s been taken down by FIFA, become their pocket money and dominate the tool. Fans with the poor of the world, spending money raised so many worms, but could do nothing more than 100 years ago, the British invented modern football, today, after more than 100 years, quirk of rearrangement, Britons stood up, and FIFA continue to indulge.


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